Pet Microchipping

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A person holding a circular object on a dog's back

What Is Pet Microchipping?

Your pet is unlikely to notice that a tiny, grain-sized gadget has been implanted near his shoulder blades, just beneath the skin. Our physician inserts a little chip into a syringe and gently implants it in seconds, allowing dogs to resume regular activities immediately.

How do Microchips For Pets Reunite Them With Their Owners?

It’s important for pet owners to understand that microchips are not GPS trackers and cannot be used for real-time tracking of your pets. The idea behind a pet microchip is that a stray or missing pet can be found by a stranger. Because of the popularity and low cost of microchipping, such people know to take their pets to a local shelter or clinic to be scanned for a chip.

The chip connects to a database registry, which contains their contact information given by the pet’s owner. As a result, having up-to-date phone numbers and addresses on file with the register is critical to reuniting you with your pet.

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