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Valentine had a mammary cyst removed that was rather large after losing her mate 4 months ago. Valentine is the love of my life. I was rather scared for her to go and have the surgery . Dr hickey performed the surgery and did an outstanding job. Her staff was amazing. The follow-up has been amazing.

Kate R. 

Our rabbit received really good care here, and when we had to put him down from an aggressive tumor I felt that the process we went through was well done. Pricing is more than I like to pay but I am usually a bit cheap and feel that their pricing is probably reasonable in today’s world.

Sarah M.

Took my snake here to do a check up. The check in ladies were so nice and helpful and kind. It was the first time going there and it was a great experience. I had my 3 year old son with me and the vet assistant weighed his toy snake after they weighed my real one. It made him so happy. It was a great experience for both my son and I. They took great care of my snake and were very nice!

Aria L.

Took our Pitbull massive in for a urinary tract infection and the medicine was too high priced but the doctors worked with us and brought it down for a lower cost they were great and very time efficient and had a lovely staff. I just wanted to thank the Animal Care Hospital staff for their kindness fast acting and very businesslike.

Angelo Olds

The vet – Dr. Allison Culver – was amazing and did a LOT of the heavy work in the lengthy preparation and research on helping me get my two cats to Hawaii in a timely manner. Super friendly (to people and pets) in the whole process and explained everything perfectly.

Sydney Miller

Can’t say enough good things about our vet here and the staff in general. He is the most honest vet ever. We brought our puppy in who was limping and he could have done X-rays, ran tests, etc but he was so honest and explained that basically it was growing pains for her and she’d be better within a few days. He was 100% correct. Very grateful that he didn’t try to squeeze money out of us. He’s super knowledgeable and always willing to take the extra time with us to explain things.

Sarah S.