It’s Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month! This is always a great cause to spread the word about. Every year, there is an influx of rabbits being put up for adoption after Easter. Unfortunately, it’s still far too common for people to buy bunnies as Easter presents, often without taking time to learn about their care needs. Inevitably, this results in an unhappy rabbit and unhappy owners. If you’re thinking about adopting a new pet, a rabbit may be a great choice! As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I offer some advice on adopting a rescue bunny in this article.

Sweet Temperaments

One of the advantages of having a rabbit is the fact that Floppy is typically very sweet and docile. She’s good with children, though I wouldn’t recommend getting a bunny for a toddler. Many rabbits are also quite affectionate. Some even become lap bunnies!

They’re Clean

Did you know that Floppy can be litterbox trained? Once your bunny has been potty trained, you’ll find it very easy to clean up after her. No walks required!


Rabbits are smarter than many people give them credit for. Floppy can learn some simple—and adorable—tricks. You may be able to teach your furry friend to jump on command, come when called, or go to her cage on command.

They Don’t Need Much Space

Another great thing about bunnies? They don’t need much room. Rabbits can be great pets for people who don’t have large homes. You’ll need to petproof, though, no matter how much room you have.


Floppy can be much more charismatic than people realize. You may be surprised to find that these guys can be a bit stubborn and bossy, and are just really fun and lovable pets.


We all know that dogs wag their tails when they’re happy, and cats purr. Bunnies also have an adorable way of showing their cheerfulness: the binkie. The binkie –or bunny hop, as it’s sometimes called—is basically a cute little dance of joy.

Stress Relief

Did you know that petting a dog, cat, or bunny is great for your mental and emotional health? Floppy can help reduce fear and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and generally just put a smile on your face. What more could you ask for? 

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact me, your Marion, IA, area veterinarian, today!