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Entertaining Your Ferret

April 15 2017

Do you have a ferret? These little guys are both charming and adorable, and can make really fun pets. Ferrets are quite frisky and mischievous, so to keep your tiny buddy content, you’ll need to provide lots of toys and entertainment options. Read on as a Marion, IA veterinarian offers tips on keeping your ferret from getting bored.

Old Stuff

Lots of things that are ready for the trash bin can make great ferret toys. Old tee shirts, bedsheets, pillowcases, towels, and even shoes can keep your pint-sized pal entertained. Purses and backpacks can make great nests. Just be sure to remove anything that could be hazardous, such as buttons or laces.

Closet Organizer

A hanging mesh closet organizer filled with balls and other toys can be great fun for your cute pet!


Many ferrets love playing with golf or ping-pong balls. You can put them in socks, or drop them into a shoebox for your furry buddy to smack around.


Cardboard boxes can be lots of fun for these little furballs! Fill a box with oatmeal or toys, or put an old towel or pillowcase into it. Or, use several boxes to make your ferret a castle or maze.


Your adorable pet may have a blast just playing in a pan of water. Keep the water very shallow, so there is no risk of drowning.


Ferrets love exploring tunnels and mazes! You can buy some at pet stores, or use PVC piping to make your own.


Your ferret’s favorite toy may very well be you! Take time to play with your furry friend every day. Hold toys for your tiny pal to bat at, pounce on, or chase. This will be fun for both of you!


Never give your ferret anything you wouldn’t let a toddler play with. Small or sharp objects are a definite no-no, as are plastic bags, wrappers, and ties. You’ll also want to avoid giving your pet anything made of brass, cadmium, zinc, or lead: these things can be toxic to ferrets. Chemicals, medications, household cleaners, and anything covered in ink, varnish, paint, or glitter are also dangerous, as are items with dangling ropes or threads. Ask your veterinarian for more information on safe and unsafe toys.

Do you have questions about ferret care? Contact us! As your Marion, IA animal clinic, we’re happy to help!