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How to Be a Great Cat Parent

March 1 2017

Our feline friends are small, but they have big personalities, and make wonderful pets. One reason kitties make such great pets is that they are quite easy to care for. However, because cats are so independent, it can be easy to overlook some of the things that keep them happy, healthy, and purring. Read on as a Cedar Rapids, IA veterinarian discusses how to be a great cat parent.

Kitty Comforts

Cats are very, very good at making themselves comfortable. Fluffy won’t have any issues curling up on a couch or chair for a nap. She’ll still benefit from having some pet furniture, however. Get your feline buddy a pet tent or tower, and offer her plenty of cozy napping spots.


It may seem like Fluffy is purrfectly content to spend her time napping, eating, grooming herself, and judging you, but believe it or not, cats can get bored. Provide lots of fun toys for your kitty to play with, and play with her every day. Your furball will also appreciate a comfy window seat: cats love watching birds and squirrels!

Veterinary Care

Most cats should see the veterinarian at least once a year, though some kitties may need more frequent appointments. Fluffy should be microchipped and spayed or neutered. It’s also very important to stay up to date with your pet’s vaccinations, exams, and parasite control products. Since our feline pals tend to be rather secretive when it comes to letting us know they don’t feel well, it’s also very important for you to watch for signs of illness, such as hiding, unkempt fur, and reduced appetite. Ask your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

Curtail Kitty’s Wandering

Cats may think of themselves as ferocious predators, but at the end of the day, they’re quite little and are really very vulnerable. Kitties that go outdoors can face many serious dangers, such as cars, predators, chemicals, and weather. Keep your furball safe and sound inside.


Love is the secret ingredient in any pet care routine. Spend time with Fluffy: talk to her, play with her, and let her snuggle up with you if she wants. Kitties are happiest when they feel loved, safe, and perhaps a little bit spoiled.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Cedar Rapids, IA animal clinic, today!