Veterinary Surgery

Are you feeling nervous about your pet’s upcoming surgery?

Bringing a family member in for an operation is never easy, regardless of whether they happen to have two legs or four. We want you to know we understand what you’re going through because we’re pet owners too. Each of us has experienced the uneasiness of surgery with our own animals.  Consequently, we know having an experienced veterinary team that you can trust is essential.

Animal Care Hospital adheres to strict standards of excellent for anesthesia, monitoring, surgery, and patient care.  We provide a number of routine veterinary surgical procedures, and each one includes:

    • A comprehensive pre-surgical physical examination


    • Diagnostic laboratory testing and X-rays as needed


    • Carefully administered and monitored anesthesia to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort before, during, and after surgery


    • IV fluids as needed


    • Pain management


    • Recovery monitored by a caring technician in our intensive care area


Surgery doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety when you’ve got the experienced, compassionate team at Animal Care Hospital in your corner.  Our surgical team is dedicated to fostering an environment in which you can feel comfortable discussing any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s surgery.

Contact us today to discuss your pet’s surgical care needs.


We recommended that dogs and cats be spayed prior to their first heat cycle or neutered before reaching sexual maturity, usually around 6 months of age. By doing so, you can reduce the unwanted pet population, as well as your companion’s risk of:

    • Cancer of mammaries and reproductive organs


    • Infections of the reproductive organs such as pyometra (serious uterine disorder)


    • Diseases related to hormonal effects such as prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and peri-rectal tumors


    • Certain undesired behaviors (such as territorial marking, anxiety, and aggression)




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