Pet Wellness Care

Do you want to know the secret to helping your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy life?

As loving pet parents, we want our best friends by our side for as many years as possible. Animal Care Hospital follows strict standards of excellence as a commitment to your pet’s ongoing good health. Our pet wellness care encompasses a wide variety of services that provide significant and long-lasting health benefits to your pet.

An Ounce of Prevention

We want to do everything in our power to keep your best friend healthy. During each visit, the doctor will perform a complete physical examination on your pet to identify any health problems. We will provide a comprehensive preventative care plan tailored to your pet’s needs, lifestyle and risk factors. Your plan will include recommendations for vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and weight management.

Ongoing Health Management

During each regular exam, we will assess your pet’s weight, diet, dental, and overall health, and make recommendations for diagnostic procedures if any problems are suspected.  Regular review of physical exams findings and lab work can aid in early detection of disease, giving us a better chance to extend and improve your companion’s life.

Our pet wellness care services include:

    • Puppy and kitten care – We not only care for the health of your new puppy or kitten, but also the wonderful bond you’ll develop with your pet over time.


    • Senior pet care – Regular monitoring of your older pet’s weight, physical status, and behavior helps us make recommendations for diagnostic procedures that are critical for the early detection of illness and disease.


    • Rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and other small pets – These animals have unique needs that benefit from the specialized care provided by our knowledgeable veterinary team.


    • Flea, tick, and heartworm products – Protect your pet from the harmful effects and diseases caused by heartworms, fleas, ticks, and other parasites with our recommended prevention programs and products.


    • Nutrition – Establishing and maintaining proper nutrition is important to your pet’s ongoing good health in all stages of life.


    • Vaccinations – We believe that vaccinations are important to your pet’s health, and recommend that all dogs, cats and ferrets be properly immunized to protect against contagious disease.



Getting to Know You

Regular visits give all of us at Animal Care Hospital the chance to truly get to know you and your pet—developing a relationship with you and forging a bond with your pet is an integral part of the care we provide.  This allows us to partner with you to manage your pet’s care, and makes your visit a more positive experience.  The more we learn about your companion by listening to your concerns, examining your pet, and performing necessary diagnostics, the better able we are to provide your pet with optimal health care.  Call us today and let’s get started!



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