Pet Dental Care

Does your furry friend have bad breath?

Contrary to popular belief, bad breath isn’t just something that all pet owners simply must learn to live with; it’s probably a sign that your furry friend needs dental care. Without adequate attention, your pet’s mouth can become a haven for dangerous bacteria which can lead to bad breath, painful chewing and tooth loss. Over time, these bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and cause other health problems, such as diseases of the heart, kidney, liver, lungs and joints. Left untreated, dental disease can shorten your pet’s life. The good news is you can prevent many health problems with proper dental care.  In addition, our hospital has a separate pet dental suite to give your pet the safest and most effective dental care.

Basic & Advanced Dental Services

At Animal Care Hospital, we recommend that both dogs and cats receive a dental exam and cleaning at least once a year. This procedure can be part of the annual wellness carevisit. During this time, we will carefully evaluate your pet’s oral health, remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth, discuss findings, and make recommendations for preventive care. We provide a range of basic and advanced professional dental care services for dogs and cats that include:

  • Teeth cleaning by ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque and tartar
  • Polishing to smooth enamel scratches that may attract bacteria
  • Probing gums to assess dental disease
  • Dental radiographs as needed to evaluate problems below the gum line
  • Application of antibacterial solution and fluoride
  • Removal or repair of fractured, retained or infected teeth
  • Charting of dental progression of disease over time
  • Inspection of lips, tongue and the entire mouth for other problems


Periodontal Disease

Mre than 85% of dogs over 4 years of age suffer from periodontal disease. This disease is a progressive inflammation of the supporting structures surrounding the teeth and most often occurs beneath the gum line, making detection by the untrained eye difficult.


Signs of Periodontal Disease

While testing for periodontal disease should be performed by an experienced veterinary professional, there are warning signs of which every owner should be aware. These signs may include:

  • Bad breath
  • Swollen and inflamed gum line (gingivitis)
  • Tartar buildup
  • Loose, missing or discolored teeth
  • Exhibiting pain while eating or chewing
  • Bleeding of the mouth
  • Facial swelling

If your pet is suffering from any of these signs, make an appointment for dental examination.


Your Pet’s Dental Health Begins with You

It is important to remember that your pet’s dental health care begins at home. In addition to annual professional dental exams, you can help support good oral health by brushing or applying antibacterial rinse to your pet’s teeth. Our experienced staff would be happy to offer demonstrations of the proper technique and give advice on various dental health products you can try.

The professional dentistry services at Animal Care Hospital are designed to provide all the care and attention needed for a lifetime of healthy pet smiles.  Contact us today!




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