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Adopting A Bunny: Tips For First Time Owners

October 1 2023

Are you considering adopting a rabbit? Bunnies are extremely cute, and they’re really a lot of fun. However, they need quite a lot of care, and some of their needs are quite unique. First time bunny owners often don’t understand this, which unfortunately leads to a lot of rabbits being rehomed. You’ll read a few suggestions about adopting Floppy in this article from me, your Marion, IA area veterinarian.


Rabbits are basically super cute little chewing machines. This isn’t bad behavior: your furry little pal actually needs to chew to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Bunnies don’t know what is and isn’t safe for them, so they’re at high risk of nibbling things that are toxic or otherwise dangerous. You’ll need to take steps to make your home safe. That means keeping anything you don’t want your pet chewing on out of paws’ reach, protecting furniture legs and baseboards, and blocking off small spaces.

Find A Bunny Veterinarian

Just like any other pet, rabbits need proper veterinary care. Take time to find a great veterinarian that is experienced in bunny care. This is also a great source of information and advice on things like your rabbit’s diet and care needs and general bunny behavior. (Spoiler: rabbits can be very stubborn.)

Provide A Safe Haven

Being adopted is a huge change, and can be quite stressful for animals. Give your furry little pal some time to settle in before you handle or pet her too much. It’s also important to make Floppy feel safe. Talk to her, pet her, and offer toys and treats.

Be Prepared To Commit

Rabbits live about 5 to 8 years, on average, but they can make it much longer with proper care. It’s not uncommon for them to make it to 12 or even older. Make sure you’re ready for that type of commitment!

Offer Chew Toys

Your furry friend will need plenty of chew toys. You can buy these, but you can also make your own out of household items, such as paper, wood, and wicker. Ask your veterinarian for specific advice.

Do Your Research

The things covered in this blog are really just the tip of the iceberg: there’s a lot more to learn about taking good care of your pet. Do some reading, and don’t be shy about asking for advice.

As your local Marion, IA area  veterinarian, I’m happy to offer great care for rabbits. Please feel free to contact me anytime!