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Bonding With A Bunny

April 15 2023

April is hands down the most popular time to adopt rabbits, because of Easter. However, when you adopt a bunny isn’t the big concern: the main thing is committing to providing great care. That starts on Day One! Making sure Floppy gets started out on the right paw in her new home is very important. As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I offer some tips on this below.

Have Everything Ready 

Have everything Floppy needs ready and waiting for her. A great cage is the most important thing. Your veterinarian can give you specific advice on how to set it up and what to add. Just make sure to include a comfy hide. Don’t be surprised if your furry pal withdraws to that safe place and stays there. That’s normal! Just let her relax, decompress, and get used to her new environment. 

Making Friends

Rabbits are adorable. You may want to cuddle and pet Floppy right away. Resist the urge! Many bunnies don’t like being held or handled, especially by strangers. If you force attention on her, she may become wary of you. Rabbits are notorious for holding grudges, so any early missteps could take a long time to fix. Wait until she gets curious enough to come out of her hide. This may take a few days. Then, let her come to you.

Winning Her Over

Food is always very helpful for bonding with animals. Floppy definitely has a sweet tooth, and loves things like strawberries and bananas. Just don’t go too crazy here, as these foods are high in sugar. Ask your veterinarian for specific advice on safe and unsafe treats. Don’t offer anything unless you’re sure it’s safe! 

Talk To Your Rabbit 

Just like our other animal friends, they often like being talked to. Go ahead and rant about your annoying co-worker or that crazy day at work. Just use a cheerful tone of voice! 

Petting And Handling

Floppy can be fussy about how she likes to be petted. The forehead is a good spot. Cheek, chin, and back? Not so much. All in all, it just depends on the bunny. Some of these furballs are affectionate lap rabbits. Others prefer to be admired from a distance. Watch Floppy’s reaction, and see what she likes. 

Do you have questions about rabbit care? Contact me, your Marion, IA area veterinarian. I’m ‘hoppy’ to help!