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Playing With A Ferret 

March 1 2023

Have you recently adopted a ferret? These cute little balls of fur are quite frisky and playful, and need lots of toys and stimulation. But how does one play with a ferret? As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I offer some information on how to entertain your pet ferret  in this article.


Ferrets need, on average, about two to four hours of playtime outside their cages every day. Of course, most people don’t have four hours of spare time a day for playing with their pets. Providing your tiny pal with proper toys and keeping up with petproofing will go a long way here.

Invitations To Play

The more you pay attention to your ferret, the better you’ll be able to tell when he wants to play. The ‘wardance’ is pretty self explanatory. (And, yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds.) Your pet may also run up to you and run away, or perhaps tug on your pant leg.


Ferrets are curious and frisky, and need lots of toys. Squeaky toys and stuffed animals are good options, as long as they don’t have small parts. These guys love playing with colorful balls! You can toss or roll them for your little friend to chase after, or just put several in a shallow box or storage tote. Running through little tunnels and mazes is another popular ferret pastime. Remote-controlled toys can also be pretty fun for them to chase after. Just stick with safe, suitable options. Don’t use anything that is very small or sharp, or items that are coated in things like paint, varnish, or glitter.


There are some pretty cute games you can play with your ferret, such as Catch and Tag. Your pet may also enjoy running after balls. Another ferret favorite? Playing Tug ‘O War, using a towel or a soft rope. Just don’t pull too hard, and take care not to let your tiny pal bite you. Hide and Seek is another popular option for ferrets. Take one of your ferret’s favorite toys, and hide it somewhere, such as under a blanket. Or, you can hide and let your little buddy hunt for you instead. Fetch is also popular. You may be surprised at how quickly some ferrets pick it up!

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