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Cats And Bunnies: Friends Or Enemies?

February 1 2023

Are you a bunny owner that would like a cat, or a cat owner that’s considering getting a bunny? Fluffy and Floppy can get along, but that isn’t guaranteed. As your local Marion, IA area veterinarian, I offer some tips on helping cats and rabbits cohabitate in this article.


Our animal companions are all unique individuals, so there’s no way to say for certain that a cat and rabbit will be friends. There are several factors involved. First and foremost  is the personality of both pets. A kitty that’s laid-back and friendly is going to be a better bunny roommate than a feisty feline. Age also plays a role. A kitten and a baby bunny are more likely to become buddies than seniors would. Your furry friends’ size is another factor. It’s best if your pets are roughly the same size. Breed is also something to consider, as is the fact that some cats just have a stronger prey drive than others.

Natural Inclinations

It’s important to realize that Floppy and Fluffy are wired differently. Rabbits are always prey animals in the wild, while cats are both predator and prey. Kitties also play rough, which may not go over well with a rabbit. That said, bunnies can be stubborn, temperamental, and even a bit aggressive. Keep this in mind! 


There are things you can do to keep your pets safe. One option would be to clip your cat’s claws. This doesn’t apply to outdoor cats: kitties that are allowed to roam need their nails for defense. Petproofing is also important. Ask your veterinarian for more advice.


First impressions are a big deal to our furry friends. If you want your pets to get started out on the right paw in life, let them take things slowly. It’s best to introduce your pets while your bunny is in her cage. This will let them get used to each other’s faces and smells. There’s no set time frame to letting them meet outside the cage: it depends on how things go. Wait until Fluffy and Floppy seem to be used to each other. Supervise them closely during those first meetings, and pay close attention to their body language. If tensions rise, don’t punish your pets: separate them, and start over.

Please contact me, your Marion, IA area veterinarian anytime. I’m here to help!