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6 Awessssome Reasons to Celebrate Snake Day

July 15 2022

Did you know that Snake Day is tomorrow, July 16th? We know, snakes aren’t the most popular animals. Many people are frightened of them, or think of them as threats. Our slithering, scaled buddies have suffered from quite a lot of bad PR. As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I list some of their better qualities below.

Pest Control

While there certainly are snakes that you do not want to try to pet or befriend, in general, snakes are quite harmless. In fact, they are actually beneficial. Snakes play an important role in our natural world. They naturally prey on mice, rats, and other rodents, which are not things you want around a house or farm.

Beautiful Colors

Snakes come in a variety of pretty colors and patterns, with breeders developing more and more all the time. While the ‘classic’ patterns and colors are still beautiful, you can now pick snakes in vivid hues such as yellow, pink, and even purple.


One thing that many people don’t realize about snakes is the fact that they are naturally very timid and shy. Most of them are more frightened of you than you are of them!


Did you know that there are over 3500 types of snakes? Our serpentine friends live in a variety of habitats. They range in size, too, from the teeny-tiny Barbados threadsnake, which only gets to be 4 inches long, to the reticulated python, which can grow to be over 18 feet long. They also vary widely as far as their habitat, temperaments, and hunting methods. 

Quiet Pets

Snakes are probably never going to be everyone’s favorite pet, but they do have some unique qualities. They’re quiet, don’t need training, won’t make a mess, and don’t need to be walked or played with.

Ecological Threats

Like many other animals, wild snakes are under increasing pressure due to loss of habitat, pollution, and climate control. Consider taking steps to help protect our natural environment and wildlife. Even making small changes, like switching to an eco-friendly detergent, can make a difference. Every little bit counts!

Good Luck

Did you know that some cultures consider snakes to be good luck? For example, in Japan, white snakes are thought to be very benevolent. 

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