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Bonding With A Ferret

April 1 2022

Tomorrow, April 2nd, is World Ferret Day! Ferrets may be tiny, but they pack big personalities into small packages. These guys can be extremely loving and cuddly with their humans. Of course, it takes time to form that special friendship. As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I offer some tips on bonding with your ferret in this article.

Don’t Force It

Get to know ferret body language. If your pet seems tense, or if he hisses at you, shrinks away, or doesn’t seem to like being held or petted, back off a little, and give him space. As the old song says, you can’t hurry love!


Ferrets are very scent-oriented. Give your cute pet a t-shirt you’ve worn, and put it in his habitat. Your tiny pal may snuggle up in it. This will help him get used to your scent, and start associating it with warmth and comfort.

Take It To The Floor

Take your little buddy into a ferret-proofed room, and stay in there with him. Close the door, so he can’t slip out. Don’t do anything: just settle down on the floor. Grab a book, phone, or tablet, and just relax. Sooner or later, your pet will approach you. Immediately reward him with treats and praise.

Don’t Misinterpret Nips

Ferret kits nip each other in play. They often do that to their humans as well. However, this doesn’t hurt when a ferret bites another ferret: that thick fur protects them. Our skin is much thinner! Ouch! Don’t punish your pet for this, though: redirect him. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Playing can really help your ferret learn to associate you with good things. They’ll also realize that you’re fun, and that you’re making an effort to entertain them. Try using dangling cat toys. Remember to put them away after, so your pet doesn’t get tangled up!


Many ferrets like to snuggle with their humans. One thing you can try is getting a hoodie with a front pocket. Your furry little pal may like to curl up in there as you’re relaxing. You can also lie down on the floor with a blanket. Chances are, your tiny buddy will come to you. Just take care not to roll over on him!

For more ferret care tips, contact me, your local Marion, IA area veterinarian, anytime. I am here for you!