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World Frog Day

March 15 2022

World Frog Day is March 20th! Frogs are really very interesting little critters, and they fill a very important and specific niche in the natural world. You’ll read some fun facts about these fascinating amphibians in this article from me, your Marion, IA area veterinarian.


Frogs are often portrayed as green in books, movies, and art. However, they actually wear many different colors, ranging from bright red to yellow to dark blue. Some are even pink! Many tropical frogs also sport pretty patterns. A few can even change their colors. African frogs for instance, turn white when it’s really hot out, as this helps them stay cool.

Frogs Around The World

There are at least 6000 known species of frog, ranging from the tiny Gold Frog, which is less than a half-inch long, to the giant Goliath Frog, which can be over a foot long.


Did you know that frogs are one of the most adaptable species on the planet? They can live in all sorts of environments, from deserts to rain forests, and even above the Arctic circle!


Frogs are known for being great jumpers. Some of them can jump distances that equal 20 times their body length. However, this isn’t a universal talent with them. Some are actually very bad jumpers.


Here’s something that is truly unique about frogs: they drink through their skin! They have a special patch of skin on their bellies that lets them absorb water.


Frogs are amphibians, which means they live partly in the water and partly on land. They start out as tadpoles, but then live on land once they’ve matured.


As you may know, frogs are cold-blooded, meaning they don’t generate any body heat on their own. So what is a northern frog to do when winter sets in? Hibernate! Some shelter in trees, while others hunker down beneath leaves or debris, or on the bottoms of lakes or ponds. The sounds of ‘peepers’ are a traditional sign of spring in many areas.

Pet Frogs

Frogs aren’t the most popular pet, but they do have some pretty devoted fans. Some popular pet frogs are the Pacman frog, White’s Tree Frog, Waxy Monkey Frog, Amazon Milk Frog, and the Tomato Frog. Do some research before adopting one!

Do you have questions about frog care? Contact me, your local Marion, IA area veterinarian, today!