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Signs That Your Cat Is Healthy

February 16 2022

February is National Cat Health Month. Cats are quite easy keepers, and they are known for being hardy. They’re also rather secretive about illness, which can make it hard to tell if there is something wrong. How do you know if Fluffy is feeling okay? As your local Marion, IA area veterinarian, I list some general indications that your feline buddy is in good health below.

Kitty Shenanigans

Cats are very frisky and playful, which is great for us as it provides us with live entertainment. If your pet often acts silly and zoomy, she’s probably feeling pretty good.

Clear, Bright Eyes

Your cat’s eyes should be clear and bright, and free of discharge or redness. (At least when they are actually open.)

Fur Condition

You shouldn’t see redness, crusting, or scaliness on Fluffy’s skin. Your feline pal’s fur should be soft and clean. 

Body Weight

Obesity presents many of the same issues and health risks for cats as it does for people. Keep your pet at or near her ideal weight!


By this, I don’t mean hissing and scratching aggressively. That can actually be a sign of illness! I’m actually referring to Fluffy’s way of being, well, a bit of a brat. She may smack things off your table, pounce on your shoelaces, or yell at you for taking away an unsafe toy. 

Healthy Appetite

Fluffy can be picky, and she has been known to turn her little nose up at some of the things you may put in her bowl. However, if your cat doesn’t like what you gave her, she should complain until the waiter (you) takes it back to the kitchen so the chef (also you) can replace it with something more to her liking. A kitty that isn’t eating at all may be ill.

Uneventful Litter

Changing Fluffy’s litter will never be fun, but it can be informative. Pay attention to what you find. If your kitty’s waste seems normal, and you aren’t noticing any unusual colors, textures, or odors, it’s a good sign.

Thumbs-Up From The Vet

Your cat’s doctor should really be the ultimate judge of how she is doing. Be sure to bring your feline buddy in regularly for exams and wellness care!

As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I am happy to answer any questions about your cat’s health or care. Contact us anytime.