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Reasons To Adopt A Dragon

January 16 2022

Tomorrow, January 16th is Appreciate A Dragon Day! The very name ‘dragon’ sounds very mysterious and formidable. However, while fictional dragons may hoard gold and/or burn cities, the real ones mostly just sit around looking cute. In fact, many of them make great pets! Bearded dragons are probably the most popular pet dragon. You’ll read some great reasons to consider adopting one in this article from me, your Cedar Rapids, IA veterinarian.

They’re Quiet

Bearded dragons don’t make much noise. You won’t need to worry about your pet waking the kids up at night or sparking complaints from neighbors.

They Don’t Get Large

As you probably know, some reptiles get very, very large. The Komodo Dragon—also well worth appreciating—can grow up to 10 feet long. Some snakes get even longer! Beardies, however, rarely grow longer than 2 feet. You won’t need to designate a room to your pet, or build an enclosure for him.

They’re Fascinating

To be fair, not everyone is smitten with reptiles. However, you may find that the more attention you pay them, and the more you learn about them, the more interesting they become! It can be very relaxing to just watch these guys.

They’re Gentle

Reptiles are not one-size-fits-all. Some are gentle and easy to care for, but others should only be adopted by people who have experience with herps. Beardies, however, are suitable for first-time reptile owners.

They’re Fun

While a lizard may never be as charismatic as a dog or cat, that doesn’t mean they have no personalities. Many beardies are quite friendly, and enjoy being cuddled and petted. Who doesn’t want a lap dragon? Another cool thing about beardies? They can be trained to walk on leashes!

They’re Fashionable

One of the more recent trends we’re seeing in the reptile world is the rise of, well, dragon fashion. Bearded dragons can sport a variety of cute outfits! Just stick with those made specifically for reptiles.


Bearded dragons are great pets, but they aren’t right for everyone. Their diet is one possible dealbreaker: while they do eat fruits and veggies, they also need insects. Do plenty of research before adopting one. You’ll need to pay particular attention to their habitat and dietary needs. Ask your veterinarian for specific care tips.

Do you have questions about bearded dragon care? Contact me, your Cedar Rapids, IA veterinarian, today!