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Introducing Two Bunnies

August 15 2021

Are you adopting a new bunny? Congratulations! Rabbits are absolutely adorable pets, so it’s safe to say that your furry new friend will bring you lots of love and joy. Many bunnies are happier living with a buddy. However, these guys all have unique personalities. It’s important to make introductions properly. A bad first impression can take a really long time to undo! As your local Marion, IA area veterinarian, I offer some tips on introducing your rabbits below.

Choose The Right Bunny

Picking the right roommate for Floppy is half the battle. Two neutered rabbits, one male and one female, is often an optimal choice, but you can also get two males or two females. (Try to rescue a bunny, if you can.) Be sure to have your new pet’s cage all set up before Adoption Day! You’ll need to take your furry pals to the vet before letting them interact. 


Before introducing your pets, let them get to know each other’s scents. You can do that by swapping out their toys and bedding. Once they seem used to each other’s smells, let them see each other. You can let their cages face each other, or put them in different rooms with a baby gate between them. Snacks will help sweeten the deal.


Ideally, the bunnies should meet in neutral territory. This will help curb any territorial leanings. If you don’t have room for a no-man’s land, put the bunnies’ runs next to each other, and separate them with a barrier. Switching bunnies between runs can keep them from getting too territorial. When you let them meet freely, put out hiding spots, like cardboard boxes and cat tunnels, to help them feel safe. Just use things that have openings at both ends, so one rabbit can’t trap the other. 

Bunny Body Language

Keep a close eye on your furry pals as they begin to interact and get to know each other. They may ignore each other, or mount one another: these things are normal, and are not a concern unless they fight, in which case you’ll need to separate them. If they nuzzle, sniff each other, or groom each other, congratulations! You’ve officially got bunny buddies. Prepare for cuteness!

If you have any questions about bunny care, please feel free to contact me anytime. As your Marion, IA area veterinarian, I’m here for you!