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How to Throw a Perfect Dog Party

July 1 2021

Have you recently adopted a new dog? Are you and your canine pal still readjusting to the return to quasi-normal life? If either—or both—of these apply, you may want to host a puppy party. This is the perfect time of year to get together with your family and friends and their four-legged buddies. As your Marion, IA veterinarian, I offer some tips on throwing the perfect dog-friendly event below. 


Dogs hard at play are both adorable and fun to watch. Of course, our canine friends all have their own preferences for playthings. Fido may go for squeaky toys, while Rocky might prefer chew toys or tennis balls. Set out a variety of toys. Speaking of tennis balls, one thing that’s bound to be a hit is a ball launcher. Just keep in mind that these can be dangerous for very large dogs, as the balls can be choking risks for big pups. 


You can’t have a proper dog party without treats. Pupsicles are a good bet. Put some kibble, snacks, or chew sticks into ice cube trays or waxed paper cups. Then, pour water or sodium-free broth into them and freeze overnight. Store-bought treats will also get those tails going. Just find out beforehand if any of your furry guests have allergies, and avoid products that could bother them. 

Water Fun

July can be pretty hot! Set out a kiddie pool for your four-legged pals to splash around in. You can also let Fido and his buddies play in the spray from a sprinkler. If you have a pool, pay extra close attention to the pups. Dogs can get into trouble very quickly if they fall into the water and can’t get out! 


Speaking of water, set out several water bowls. Get a few different sizes. For taller dogs, you can put bowls in plant urns. These also look really nice! 

Guest List

It’s great for dogs to be able to play and socialize with other pups. However, it only takes one aggressive dog to ruin the fun. Only invite gentle, friendly dogs. Fido’s guests should also be microchipped, fixed, and current on their vaccines and parasite control. Last but not least, don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Please reach out if ever I can be of assistance. As your local Marion, IA area veterinarian, I’m here to help!