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Bathing a Bearded Dragon

January 15 2021

Do you have a bearded dragon? If so, you’ve got a fun and unique pet! One thing that is very important is making sure that your pet dragon gets regular baths. In this article, you’ll read some tips on bathing a beardie from me, your local Cedar Rapids, IA veterinarian.

B  enefits

Bathing your bearded dragon is important for several reasons. Hydration is one of the biggest ones. Many beardies don’t like drinking from bowls, but will happily slurp up their bathwater. Baths are of course also important for hygiene. Plus, they help with shedding and constipation. Last but not least, many lizards simply enjoy a good soak!


Making sure the water is the right depth is crucial. Bearded dragons can drown in just a few inches of water! For a baby lizard, the water should be ½ inch to 1 inch deep. Adults can bathe in about 1-2 inches of water. If the water is deeper than your pet lizard’s knees, give him something to climb on if he wants, like a rock or a rolled-up towel.


Temperature is also crucial. It’s very easy to scald your tiny dinosaur! Ideally, the water should be about 85 to 92 degrees. Use a thermometer to check. If it starts to cool too quickly, add more hot water.


You can bathe your lizard in a sink, plastic storage container, or the tub. Whatever option you choose, don’t leave your pet unattended!

Splash Around

Never use soap or detergent on your beardie. Use a small cup to pour water on his back and tail. Don’t get any in his eyes or ears! 


Let your beardie soak for about 15 – 20 minutes. Once bath time is over, gently pat your pet dry with a soft sowel. This is very important! If he’s still damp when you put him back in his tank, the substrate may stick to him.


Many dragons enjoy basking after their baths. Put your dragon under his heat lamp. This is especially important if it’s chilly out!


How often should bathe your pet lizard? I usually recommend at least once a week. In summer, you may want to bathe your bearded dragon twice a week or even more. Ask your veterinarian for specific advice.

As your Cedar Rapids, IA veterinarian, I am happy to offer care for bearded dragons. Contact me anytime!