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Choosing Cat Beds

November 15 2019

Is your cat asleep right now? There’s a good chance that the answer to that question is yes. If your feline pal is actually awake, she probably either just woke up or is about to settle in for her next nap. Cats certainly are sleepy! In fact, kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day. One easy way to pamper your drowsy pet is to offer her lots of comfy beds. Read on for some tips on cat beds from me, your Marion, IA vet.

Store-Bought Beds

There’s nothing wrong with store-bought beds. Get your kitty a few different ones, and set them up around your house!

DIY Options

Want to save some money? Why not make your kitty’s beds? To turn an old sweater into a cat bed, start by folding the torso into an ‘O’ shape, and then sewing it closed. Next, sew the wrists closed, and attach the sleeves to the torso. Use the neck hole to add pet-safe stuffing, and then close that up as well. Voila!

Super Easy Options

If you don’t care much for making things, don’t worry. Your sleepy pet will be just as happy with a soft throw blanket folded up and placed on a bed, sofa, couch, or ottoman. You can also just put a pillow in a box or wicker basket.


Make sure to keep Fluffy’s beds clean! I recommend washing them at least every other week. Use hot water, unscented detergent, and a hot dryer setting. This will help kill fleas and their eggs, as well as germs and odors.


Cats are always on the lookout for their next new favorite napping spot. Moving your kitty’s beds around regularly will help keep your home fun and comfortable for her.


When it’s cooler out, your cat will seek out warmer napping spots. Offer your pet a thermal or heated bed. For bonus purrs, put one of your kitty’s beds in a sunbeam.

Beds That Aren’t Beds

Cats will sleep pretty much anywhere they can fit. Your kitty may curl up in your linen closet, in a shoebox, or even in a casserole dish. As long as your furry pal isn’t in a dangerous spot, just let her be. There’s no accounting for taste!

Please call me for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. As your Marion, IA vet, I am here for you!