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Grooming Your Ferret

August 15 2019

Ferrets are very cute little pets! Grooming is just as important for these guys as it is for any other pet. As your Marion, IA vet, I’m happy to offer tips on keeping your pet ferret clean. I discuss some of the basics in this article.


As you may know, ferrets tend to be a bit musky. Regular baths will help defeat odors. You don’t want to bathe your furry friend too often, however. That can cause dry skin, which will make your pet uncomfortably itchy. It will also backfire, as your ferret’s skin will start producing even more oil, which is what causes that musky smell to begin with. When bathing your pet, use shampoos made specifically for ferrets. You can also use baby shampoo. Add a few inches of warm water to a sink or container, then gently lather the little guy up. Rinse your pet thoroughly. You can use a pitcher or teapot to do this if you don’t have a sprayer. Be careful not to get suds in your pet’s eyes, ears, or nose. It’s best to just use a washcloth to clean your ferret’s head. After rinsing, gently pat your ferret dry with a towel. Then, put him down on another towel. He’ll probably finish drying himself off by rolling around on it. (Bonus: this is quite entertaining to watch.)


In between baths, I recommend brushing your ferret weekly, to remove dead fur and dust from his coat. Use a soft-bristled brush, which will be more comfortable for your ferret.


You’ll need to brush your ferret’s teeth regularly, using a pet toothbrush and toothpaste. Your ferret may not be very happy about this at first. Just be patient, gentle, and consistent. Ferrets’ back teeth can be problematic, so pay extra attention to that area.


You’ll need to clean your ferret’s ears weekly. Otherwise, your pet could get ear mites or infections. Use a ferret-safe ear cleaning solution. Your vet may recommend specific products. Squirt a few warmed drops into your ferret’s ears. Then, massage the ear to loosen wax, dirt, and debris. Very gently clean the ear with a Q-tip. (Note: because ferrets have L-shaped ear canals, this is safe. Never use Q-tips on other pets.)

Do you have questions about caring for your ferret? I am happy to help! Contact me, your local Marion, IA vet, today!