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Holiday Tips for Cat Owners

December 1 2018

The holiday season is officially here! Our feline friends are at their cutest this time of year. Fluffy takes adorable seasonal photos, and is quite hilarious when she’s jumping into boxes or batting at ornaments. Just be sure to put your pet’s health and well-being first! You’ll read some great tips on keeping Fluffy happy, healthy, and safe throughout the holidays in this article from me, your local Marion, IA vet.


Seasonal treats are a big part of many holiday traditions. Go ahead and give your cat a yummy snack. Just be sure to stick with safe foods. Turkey, chicken, steak, fish, and other types of meat, fish, and poultry are all fine, as long as you remove the skin, bones, and fat. Fluffy can also have a can of tuna, some sodium-free broth, or a bit of shredded deli meat. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe foods.


Your furry buddy definitely deserves a special gift of her own! Toys are a great present for kitties. You can go with classic playthings, like squeaky toys, wand toys, or catnip mice. Or, offer your pet something more modern, like a remote-controlled mouse or an automated laser pointer. Kitty furniture is also a good option. When everyone has finished opening their gifts, remember to give Fluffy some empty boxes!

The Tree

As you may know, one of Fluffy’s favorite holiday traditions is knocking over holiday trees. Take a few precautions to keep her from destroying your centerpiece. Hang only sturdy, breakable decorations on the bottom part of the tree, things that won’t break if your cat knocks them down. Keep the more delicate ornaments on the top part of the tree. You may also want to use fishing line to secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling. If your feline buddy is super frisky, consider getting an artificial tree.


The holidays can be dangerous for kitties. Toxic plants are one concern. Many popular holiday plants, such as mistletoe, poinsettias, lilies, and holly, are poisonous to cats. You’ll also want to be careful with decorations. Tinsel, ornament hooks, ribbons, cords, and fragile ornaments can all be hazardous to our feline pals. Ask your vet for more information.

Season’s Greetings! As your Marion, IA veterinarian, I want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Please contact me anytime!