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Grooming Your Bunny

October 1 2018

Bunnies do need regular grooming to keep their fur soft and clean. As your Marion, IA vet, I offer great care for bunnies. As your Marion, IA vet, I offer excellent veterinary care for rabbits. I discuss some bunny grooming basics in this article.

Brushing Your Rabbit

If you’ve never had a bunny before, you may be surprised at how much they can shed. A few times a year, Floppy will shed her entire coat, and grow new fur. This is formally known as molting. Between molts, your pet will shed continuously, though it will be in smaller amounts. Brushing is important for several reasons, with safety being first and foremost. Rabbits do groom themselves, but they can’t digest hair. Your pet could get very sick if she swallows too much fur! Brushing your bunny is also a great way to bond with her. Just be very gentle: rabbit skin is extremely delicate, and can tear easily. You may want to get a brushing glove. Also, keep in mind that some rabbits need more help than others do. For instance, long-haired bunnies, such as Angoras, need daily brushings. Others may only need bi-weekly sessions between molts.

Nail Trims

Wild bunnies wear their claws down by digging. Pet rabbits don’t really do this as much, so you’ll need to clip Fluffy’s claws regularly. We recommend wrapping Floppy in a towel for her peticure. Be careful not to cut into the quick! This can cause pain and bleeding, and can also lead to infections. Ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques.


Check Floppy’s ears regularly, to make sure there isn’t any wax or debris building up in them. Gently clean your furry pal’s ears, using baby wipes or rubbing alcohol. Never use Q-tips, and be careful not to go too deep. Ask your vet for more information.


Generally, you shouldn’t have to do too much with your rabbit’s eyes. You do want to wipe Floppy’s face down gently with a damp cloth or cotton ball, however. This will just help remove dust.


Start getting your bunny used to being groomed while she’s still young. Pick a time when she is full and relaxed. When your cute pet’s beauty session is over, reward her with a toy or treat.

Please contact me, your Marion, IA veterinarian, for your rabbit’s veterinary care needs. I’m always happy to help!