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Holiday Gifts for Bunnies

December 1 2017

Do you have a bunny? If so, you have an adorable pet! As you complete your holiday shopping, don’t forget to pick up a few things for your rabbit. Of course, bunnies can be tricky to shop for. As your Marion, IA vet, I’m always interested in helping people pamper their bunnies. I list some great holiday rabbit gifts below.

Cage Upgrade

A bigger cage would make a great rabbit gift! Floppy should be able to stand up, play, hop, and stretch out, all without touching the walls or side of her home. If your bunny has a suitable cage already, consider getting her a new hidey-hole, or perhaps some better dishes.


If you’ve had a bunny for any amount of time, you know how important bunnyproofing is. If you have the space, consider dedicating an entire room to your rabbit. Make it safe for your pet by removing or securing dangerous items, covering the baseboards and furniture legs, and sealing off openings under and behind furniture. Then, add some fun toys for your cute pet.


A playpen is another good gift. This can also be a great way to let your bunny play in different areas without having to bunnyproof entire rooms.

Hopstacle Course

Why not make Floppy a little obstacle course? Arrange footstools, boxes, or storage totes so that she can hop onto them.

Chew Toys

Bunnies have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew quite a bit to keep their choppers from overgrowing. You can buy some chew toys for your pet in many pet stores, or make your own out of common household items. Look online for specific ideas.


Once everyone has finished opening their gifts, give Floppy the empty boxes. Just be sure to remove any tape, stickers, or staples first.

Digging Box

Get a shallow storage tote, and fill it with dirt. Then, hide some toys in it, and let your rabbit dig for them. Instant happy pet!


Treats are a great choice for any pet! For this special occasion, indulge Floppy’s sweet tooth and give her some dried pineapple, or another safe fruit. Your bunny can also enjoy some fresh herbs or veggies. Ask me for more information on safe and unsafe foods.

Season’s Greetings! Please contact me, your Marion, IA veterinarian, with any questions about your bunny’s health or care. I’m happy to help!