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Bunnyproofing Tips

March 15 2017

Have you recently welcomed a bunny into your home? Congratulations! Rabbits make super cute and enchanting pets. Floppy does have some very specific traits and needs, however. One thing that is crucial for new bunny parents to understand is that these little furballs are basically small, adorable chewing machines. If Floppy can’t wear her teeth down by chewing, she could develop some very painful dental problems. Making sure your pet has proper chew toys is very important. You’ll also need to do some bunnyproofing to keep your pet and your belongings safe. A Marion, IA veterinarian offers advice on how to do this below.

Small or Sharp Objects

Keep any small and/or sharp items away from your furry little buddy. Jewelry, beads, tacks, buttons, and pins, pen caps, and coins can all be very dangerous to bunnies.

Toxic Items

Floppy doesn’t know what is and isn’t safe for her to nibble on, so you’ll need to keep any potentially dangerous items, such as toxic plants, chemicals, medications, and household cleaning agents, well away from her cute little paws. Ask your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

Threads and Ropes

Keep anything with threads or ropes, such as throw blankets or pillows, or drapes with tassels, out of Floppy’s reach. Your cute pet could choke or get entangled by threads or ropes! You’ll also need to use protective coverings on wires.

Personal Belongings

Floppy can’t tell the difference between her chew toys and your purse, so if you want to keep your things safe, keep them away from her. Shoes, remote controls, cell phones, books, magazines, can all make tempting targets for bunnies.

Open Spaces

Be sure to seal off any open spaces beneath and behind furniture and cabinets. Many bunnies love going underneath beds and sofas and nibbling on the upholstery. Use plastic storage boxes or even cardboard boxes to block off these openings. We also recommend keeping closets shut.


Bunnies can really do a number on rugs! You may want put mats down in Floppy’s play zone to protect the carpet.

Baseboards/Furniture Legs

Baseboards and furniture legs can be very tempting to bunnies: they’re both the perfect height and texture for Floppy to chew on. You can find protective coverings online or in hardware stores.

Do you have questions about your pet bunny’s health or care? Contact us! As your Marion, IA animal clinic, we’re here to help!